Chris churchill



Chris Churchill is a cinematographer, writer, director, visual effects artist, and educator from Central Arkansas. Chris is the director of photography on two upcoming feature films "Mountain Flowers" (2023) and "Road Trip to Totality" (2024), and has lensed over a dozen short films that have played in festivals across the United States and abroad, including the London International Science Fiction Film Festival, The Malta Film Festival, The Atlanta Film Festival, Series Fest, and The Capital City Film Festival. Chris’s visual effects work can be found in the feature films The Revival (Outfest, Newfest 2017) and Stay With Me (Love Wins Film Festival, 2022). Chris wrote and directed "Smoothie" (2024), "Set Pick-Up" (Bare Bones International Film, Fayetteville Film Festival, 2017), and several other short films that have screened in film festivals across the south.In 2014, Chris began teaching film production and cinematography at The University of Central Arkansas, where he is now an assistant professor.

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